Employment agency specialized in hiring truck drivers.

About the project:

Website target group: dedicated to drivers seeking for new job opportunities.

Colors: dark and light blue + bold orange.

Prints: We have also designed folders and other printed material dedicated to drivers and to B2B clients.

Website design: modern website, which reflects the company’s image and reflect the company’s mission. The mission of ASMO Solutions is to open the German labor market for employees from Poland while respecting employee rights. As an employment agency, we put the responsibility for the interests of our employees from Poland under our responsibility, and emphasize the high qualifications of employed professionals, we do not want a Polish specialist to be associated with a “lower rate”.

Direct link: https://asmo-solutions.pl

Implementing a new website and providing the blog with high-quality content definitely increased the interest in the offer of ASMO Solutions in Poland, as well as on the German market. Additional support for the visibility of our company are permanent promotional activities in cooperation with industry media. Peeled strategy communication puts ASMO Solutions as an expert in its industry.

— Marcin, ASMO Solutions