What we do and how we do it?


We simply like what we are doing

From all our capabilities making websites become our favorite space of interest. We enjoy working on content architecture and website graphic design. We pay attention to details, letting originality speak for itself; users will find a meaning path and keep a strong memory of your website.

We have experience in marketing

We started as a public relations team working with journalists and media. After a while we broadened our skills and moved from PR to online marketing & Social media. The next step was learning the WordPress CMS system. Usability and utility are as important as the design of your site.

Your website will be not only beautiful but also adequate to your business needs.

Our story


We have been working together for several years: Sylwia & Michał + Momo team. As in everyday life, also at work, our competences and way of thinking complement each other. Discussions on each new project are often inflamed and  our visions vary, until the moment a coherent project is created. Our goal is to create a website that you will fell in love with!

Why on the road?

Combining work and our passion for traveling was our goal. We were preparing for overt 2 years developing competences, gaining the trust of our customers. In 2019, we achieved the set goal! We set off on our own camper van home. we take our work with us on the road and it gives us wings to develop our creativity.

We want you to see the spark in your project.
The same spark we we feel when we are on the road!

List of competences